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Success Story from Warren Dell Primary School in Hertfordshire

Significant success with Emotional Literacy and General Ethos

Warren Dell PupilsAs a new PSHE subject leader, Jigsaw® has enabled me to ensure that PSHE is taught and assessed comprehensively across the school. It ensures that all objectives are met and gives teachers a clear plan and assessment scheme to follow and use.

In addition to this, as Jigsaw provides whole school themes, we are able to focus on PSHE during whole school assemblies that relate to each year group’s learning and this ensures PSHE is not just limited to a once-a-week lesson.

Most importantly, Jigsaw gives our children the opportunity to be mindful; aware of how they are feeling, and equipped with tools to express emotions whilst being respectful of others.


Impact of Jigsaw

Warren Dell Pupils 2After reviewing Jigsaw it is clear that all objectives are being met and assessments are being used. As a result, children are receiving access to the full PSHE curriculum being taught at the correct level.

Having a whole school theme ensures that the PSHE curriculum is embedded throughout our school culture and not just as an add-on. This is evident in the way children and adults talk, behave and the progress they make.

Mindfulness allows our children to be self-aware and more able to deal with the stresses of daily life. This is something that I’d like to develop further and beyond Jigsaw lessons.


Looking forward

We have introduced a new display in the hall to celebrate children from each year that have demonstrated the traits that, as a school, we are focussing on each week. I am excited to see the impact that this will have on the children that are celebrated and those that are aspiring to be celebrated.

During the next Senior Leadership Team meeting, I will be suggesting that we include more opportunities for mindfulness throughout our school day. e.g., by using the Jigsaw chime during whole school assemblies and asking class teachers to use it after playtimes, with the aim of providing our children with more opportunities for mindfulness.


Headteacher: JENNY MORLEY
Jigsaw Champion: KELLIE BARTON
Warren Dell Primary School, Hertfordshire.

Warren Dell Primary School website


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