Training Sessions for School Staff

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Session Details

At Jigsaw, we are committed to training and supporting schools who adopt Jigsaw as their whole-school approach to PSHE, in order to maximise the impact and enjoyment for children. Click the tabs above for more information about the different courses and scroll down to see the list of upcoming dates and locations.

These sessions will ensure teachers:

  • Fully understand the philosophy and rationale underpinning Jigsaw
  • Are familiar with and confident to deliver Jigsaw lessons
  • Understand the whole-school approach, assemblies, music etc.
  • Are inspired to lead Jigsaw across your school
  • Know your Jigsaw mentor and the support systems we offer

If booking a ‘Twilight Session‘ you need to allow 2 hours for us to deliver the course content to your staff. We will not be able to deliver this course to you in less time.

These sessions are designed to equip you with:

  • ALL YOU NEED TO FULFIL THE STATUTORY RSE (Statutory from Sept 2019)
  • Up to date knowledge of the legal requirements for RSE
  • Understanding of how to deliver RSE in an age/stage appropriate way and why it is so vital for children
  • Familiarity with and confidence in the Jigsaw ‘Changing Me’ materials
  • Confidence in answering tricky or sensitive questions
  • Consideration of school policy and sample policy to take away
  • Opportunity to work as a school group (teachers, SLT, governors etc.) to consider RSE in your context
  • Training and information materials for colleagues, governors and parents/carers.

At Jigsaw we are passionate about improving and sustaining children’s emotional health, emotional literacy and mental health, as we believe these to be absolutely vital to accessing learning, and to better life chances.

Jigsaw is an evidence-based PSHE programme with mindfulness philosophy and practice woven throughout. This session defines emotional and mental health, considers the correlation between this and capacity to learn, and most importantly suggests how schools can work best for children. Philosophy and practice combine in these sessions.

These training sessions are designed for schools and other settings who have fully committed to the Jigsaw Families Programme!  This training is an integral part of the Facilitator Accreditation process which is mandatory for delivering the Jigsaw Families Programme from your School/Setting.

These sessions are designed to equip delegates with…

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the Jigsaw Families Programme
  • Understanding of how to deliver the Programme in an age/stage appropriate way and what can be achieved for children and their families
  • Familiarity with and confidence in, using the Jigsaw Families Programme hardcopy and online materials
  • Confidence in dealing with tricky situations and sensitive topics
  • Better rapport between schools and parents/carers, reinforcing support for children

The training is led by specially trained Jigsaw Families Programme Consultants who are all experienced teachers, working with children and families.

This training is booked with you after you have joined the Programme.

Find out about the Jigsaw Families Programme
We schedule training sessions ahead of time for when you would normally teach an associated subject or Jigsaw Puzzle so you can deliver lessons with greater confidence. Therefore, training dates may not be listed for ALL the subjects below at the same time. We will list sessions here as soon as they become available for you to book.

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Training Events (UK)

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As well as topping-up your skill set with new techniques and knowledge, which you can immediately put into practise, our training sessions are also a great opportunity to meet fellow PSHE / RSHE / Health & Well-being colleagues and spend time with your regional Jigsaw Consultant or Mentor face to face.