The Jigsaw Team

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Jan Lever

Creator and CEO of Jigsaw PSHE

Jan has 15 years’ experience of classroom teaching, including four years in Early Years, four in Primary and seven running RE and PSHE Departments in two very different secondary schools and teaching to A-level.

For 10 years Jan was a local authority adviser for PSHE and RE including leading many courses, conferences, projects and initiatives (Healthy Schools, Targeted Mental Health in Schools, the National PSHE CPD Programme as Local Lead across Dorset, Lead National Assessor and South West Regional Adviser, Parenting Programmes).

Jan spent two years as a Senior School Improvement Adviser leading whole school community development programmes and has, so far, 10 years as a qualified and practising counsellor and psychotherapist working from a transpersonal perspective.

Jan is passionate about Jigsaw PSHE because she believes that children’s capacity to learn is in direct correlation with their mental and emotional health and that every child deserves the best chance of making the most of their learning opportunities and being the best they can be.

Jigsaw PSHE puts all the pieces of PSHE together and gives children the mindfulness techniques essential for growing inner resilience and enjoying spiritual peace, thereby enjoying learning and being able to cope with life when it is not so easy.

Jan is a vegetarian who loves her daughter, her dogs, her work and trekking in Nepal.


MBPS, MSc., BSc.(Hons)

Joanna Feast

Senior Associate Consultant

Joanna’s career began in adolescent mental health services and moved on to teaching A-Level Psychology, which formed the basis of her objective to work with and for young people who face health and well-being challenges during their lives. An MSc in Health Education/Health Promotion led to a career change to the Department of Health, running national initiatives to improve children’s health and well-being. Joanna then worked as part of the Healthy Schools Programme teams in Surrey and Reading. Since self-employment in 2011, Joanna has concentrated on promoting PSHE, well-being and health in schools and other organisations, focusing on training, consultancy and writing resources. She runs her own fitness business and is a qualified GP Referral Specialist.

Joanna loves everything about Jigsaw PSHE: it challenges thinking (for children and staff) in a safe way, and encourages playfulness and independence in learning. She hopes that, in a few years’ time, there will be so many children having been part of Jigsaw PSHE that it becomes the ‘way’ of the world – where people are more able to enjoy their lives because of what and how they learnt through Jigsaw PSHE.

Joanna is an enthusiastic follower of the Alexander Technique, and in another life would have been either a dancer or backing singer with a side-line in professional cake-eating.

MA Ed., BA (Hons),
PGCE, NVQ 3 in childcare and education,

Carol Catton

Associate Consultant

Carol trained as a secondary teacher specialising in History and PSHE and taught these subjects for many years. She worked in a nursery school and as a parent helper in a first school whilst on a career break when her own children were young.

Carol then joined a middle school and became the PSHE and Citizenship co-ordinator for KS2 and 3. During this time, Carol led the Healthy Schools and Healthy Schools Plus programme. She co-ordinated the Rights Respecting Schools programme, helping her school to achieve level 2, alongside supporting other local schools.

Having had first-hand experience of leading a department in teaching Jigsaw PSHE, with staff who loved the structure and philosophy behind it and also teaching the lessons herself, Carol has witnessed the positive effects on pupils. These were well beyond any other scheme of work she had previously used. In her school surveys, PSHE topped the pupils’ list of the subject that they felt was of the most value to them.

When these pupils were interviewed about the reasons for their positive views about Jigsaw PSHE they said they appreciated:

  • The relevant, up-to-date, age-appropriate information;
  • The fun activities;
  • The importance of being able to discuss sensitive issues in a safe environment;
  • That ‘Calm Me’ time was vital for now and for their future.

It is, therefore, not surprising that Carol is passionate about Jigsaw PSHE both for pupils and for the staff who teach it.

Carol is a trustee for DEED (Development Education in Dorset and Hampshire) and thinking about names, some consider the names of her pets to be a little odd:

Plumly (dog), Jasmine, Ukemi and Ogoshi (cats), Cee and Saw (rabbits), Badger Boy and Master Sprout (guinea pigs).  Carol says they make any visit to the vet amusing!

NPQSL, MA, PGCE (Early Years), BA (Hons)

Alison Harris

Senior Associate Consultant

Alison worked in motor industry management with a large PLC but changed careers and qualified as a Primary teacher in 2000. As a senior leader at one of the first pilot schools, Alison has an in-depth knowledge and first-hand teaching familiarity with Jigsaw PSHE and is an experienced trainer and school mentor of this programme, believing that children are better equipped to deal with the pressures of the modern curriculum if their emotional health and well-being are put at the heart of their learning.

In 2014, she also achieved the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership, one aspect of which entailed introducing independent learning strategies school-wide, building on the success of the skills the children had embedded through Jigsaw. She has also supported other schools in school leadership and raising standards. She also lectures in PSHE and Relationships and Sexual Education for many initial teacher training organisations.

Alison is fully committed to Jigsaw PSHE because children who enjoy good relationships, have good self-esteem and can see failure as an opportunity to learn as much as they enjoy success, will be rounded individuals for life. She passionately believes that these citizens of tomorrow will make the world a better place, as they utilise the skills learnt through Jigsaw’s mindful approach, in their teenage and adult lives.

Alison loves travel and speaks French and Spanish to a passable standard! She has worked with a number of our international schools and loves the idea that the ethos and mindful approach of Jigsaw might one day help children all over the world.

A staff member
M.Ed.; B.Ed. (Hons) Cert Ed.
Fellow Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH),
Fellow Royal Society for Arts (FRSA),
Fellow Institute Leadership and Management (FILM)

John Rees

Associate Consultant

Having taught PSHE for 12 years in secondary schools, latterly as a senior leader, John lead the Devon Healthy Schools Programme before transforming ‘APAUSE’, a schools-based health education programme from a two-school research project into an effective multi-agency programme with approximately 200 schools across the UK and overseas with unique evidence of health benefit and educational improvement.

John became an independent PSHE consultant in 2006 and has enjoyed repeat commissions with a range of Local Authorities across the UK and overseas.  He was also a Regional Subject Advisor for the PSHE Association and a Regional Advisor (& Assessor) for the National PSHE CPD programme.

John says that Jigsaw PSHE is simply the best PSHE programme he has ever seen for primary schools.  It builds on existing good practice, brings things up-to-date with a whole-school provision and overview to help provide high-quality PSHE and support learning and achievement across the curriculum.

John has been told that he has a voice and face for radio and despite those home-counties vowels, is 100% Welsh – especially during the rugby season!


BA (Hons) PGCE (RE) AST (RE)

David Rees

Associate Consultant

David became a secondary PSHE Co-ordinator due to his belief in its value in helping students understand their own feelings and experiences. As he started to plan and deliver PSHE lessons he found first-hand how essential PSHE was and how awful some of the previous planning had been! David was shocked to find really dull lessons and an over-reliance on very dated videos and realised that the subject needed to be given more status. Therefore in his secondary school he invited visitors in to give presentations on a range of topics, including sexual health, to which the students responded positively, learned so much and were treated as adults in the process.

From then on David has been committed to raising the profile of PSHE wherever possible. He believes that PSHE needs to be embedded in the curriculum from an early age as issues such as body image, self-confidence and self-esteem, celebrating differences and safeguarding are essential to learning. An unhappy child will not learn well or develop into a well-rounded adult.

David is passionate about Jigsaw PSHE as it encourages mindfulness, allowing students to take time to calm themselves and connect with others around them in their increasingly hectic lives. Jigsaw PSHE also celebrates difference and encourages students to be the best person they can be whilst looking out for those around them. Jigsaw PSHE is a life-enriching programme.

David is one of 14 people globally (this figure may not be accurate) who adore progressive rock music. He can often be found playing air guitar to an admiring audience of his pet dachsund and rabbits.


Malcolm McKinlay

Associate Consultant

Malcolm has worked in teaching for 17 years and has been Headmaster at Parkgate House School in London for 6 of those. Malcolm developed the Resilience and Engagement Scale and many of the tools that make up the Jigsaw REST resource at his school, with the help of his committed staff. He cares passionately about improving children’s well-being and subsequently their outcomes and has seen first-hand the impact on children of using Jigsaw PSHE and REST together to achieve this.

Malcolm has a passion for all sports, in particular, golf and football which he plays as regularly as he can! Malcolm enjoys running at the weekends to keep fit and likes reading and spending time with his family.


BSc (Hons); PGCE

Katie Gumbrell

Associate Consultant

Katie embarked on her PGCE after a short career as an IT nerd, with the intention of pursuing the other half of her degree and becoming a museum education officer (Katie’s first degree is in computer science and archaeology).

Katie’s first experiences during her training turned that plan on its head and she now finds it hard to imagine life without a class! She puts high-quality PSHE at the core of her teaching and prides herself on developing the wider, immeasurable skills and qualities of high emotional intelligence. Katie has a particular passion for developing children’s relationships with each other and the wider world. She has taught across the primary age-range, including at a Pupil Referral Unit, and thinks that teaching is the best job in the world.

Having championed Jigsaw PSHE in a challenging school, Katie knows the positive impact its inclusive, holistic and interesting approach can have on children.

When she’s not being a teacher, Katie is a running coach and enjoys lifting weights.  Her favourite animals are frogs and she loves being in wide, open spaces.

BA (Hons) Theology and Rel Studs,


Bill Moore

Associate Consultant

Bill entered teaching, having sworn as a pupil never to become a teacher, after doing voluntary work with young offenders. It was this that made him realise first what a difference education can make in the lives of young people and second that he was able to connect with them. As a new teacher he became very interested in and a keen practitioner of what was then know as ‘Active Tutorial Work’. From then on he actively promoted and taught PSHE in each school in which he worked, eventually leading the transformation of PSHE in a challenging school in Cumbria.

Bill was the RE and PSHE Adviser, and Healthy Schools lead for the Buckinghamshire School Improvement service, providing training and support to schools of all types and phases. He developed a reputation for engaging and thought-provoking CPD that focused on learning in the classroom and uses P4C, stilling and ‘Conceptual Creativity’ to good effect in his teaching and training. Bill sees education as relational and thus sees PSHE as central to learning. When asked why PSHE is important, he usually refers people to ‘The Survivor’s Plea’.

Dear Teacher,
I am a survivor of a concentration camp.
My eyes saw what no men should witness:
gas chambers built by engineers;
children poisoned by educated physicians;
infants killed by trained nurses;
women and babies shot and burned by high school and college graduates.
So I am suspicious of your education.
My request is: help your students become human. Your efforts must never produce
learned monsters, skilled psychopaths, educated Eichmanns.
Reading, writing, arithmetic are important only if they serve to make our children more human.

Which says it all, really.

Having supported schools in his role as PSHE adviser, Bill became acutely aware of the challenges of co-ordinating and leading such a broad and amorphous curriculum area. This is why he sees the importance and value of Jigsaw PSHE in making the learning more meaningful for the pupils and the teaching more manageable for the teachers.

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Julie McCann
Associate Team Co-ordinator

Liverpool Team

Associate Consultant Team

The PSHE team within School Improvement Liverpool (SIL) is committed to maximising the health, well-being and opportunities for the children and young people they work with. Julie, Bev and Sonia support teachers across the North-West, as well as nationally and internationally, to develop their PSHE provision and refine their strategies for delivering effecting learning in the classroom. They are delighted to be working in partnership with Jigsaw to maximise the support they can provide and to be able to share the fantastic resources developed by the Jigsaw team. SIL work with Early Years settings, Primary, Secondary and Special Schools and Universities.

Julie is a member of the PSHE Association Advisory Council, a SAPERE Philosophy for Children trainer and an Advanced Skills Teacher in PSHE. She delivers the National PSHE CPD programme, as well as training in all aspects of PSHE at all key stages. She loved working in the classroom with her own pupils, and is equally privileged to work with teachers on a full-time basis now. As well as a passion for empowering children and maximising their outcomes, she loves travel and adventure.

Bev is an experienced and committed primary school teacher and Senior Leader who is responsible for leading PSHE, PE, Philosophy for children and The School Massage program in her own school. She is passionate about her role in school and has implemented many new initiatives to promote children’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Bev also spends her free time looking after her own wellbeing by travelling and spending time in the outdoors.

Sonia is a terrific advocate for the wellbeing of young people, playing a major role in the citywide review of mental health across Liverpool. She also has a wealth of experience managing PSHE in a secondary school and leading a range of health-related projects across all types of school. She is an enthusiastic member of the team and loves nothing more than spending her spare time with her grandchildren.

Rach Swaby
Rachel Swaby

Rachel Swaby

Associate Consultant

After working in international IT recruitment as a Quality Assurance Manager for a number of years, Rachel embarked on a teaching career. She qualified in 2004 and began as a Computing lead in an East London primary school which is a role she has maintained throughout. Rachel’s decision to change careers was due to her passion to the life of others through educating and inspiring the next generation. In particular, those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Rachel has taught in a number of schools across London and held various roles including KS2 lead. For the latter part of her career, Rachel held part-time positions whilst raising her young family. More recent roles include teaching KS3 and KS4 pupils unable to access mainstream schools education and some work in Pupil Referral Units.

Rachel has an in-depth knowledge and first-hand teaching experience with Jigsaw PSHE. She has been privileged to observe the positive impact it has on students. Pupils develop resilience, confidence, thinking skills and better relationships with their peers. Rachel has always supported and encouraged staff with their planning and delivery of their Jigsaw PSHE lessons in school. Why is she so passionate about PSHE? Rachel strongly believes that PSHE furnishes pupils with the tools to develop key life skills enabling them to face living in the wider world and become effective citizens.

Since leaving the classroom, Rachel works for an education charity supporting schools with Christian collective worship, RE lessons and SMSC provision. She is also a qualified freelance Financial Education Coach.

If Rachel can find any spare time, you’ll find her running around the local common or spending time with her husband and two sons. Rachel is also a caring cat lover and enjoys reading and musical theatre.

rachel image
Rachael Boardman
BA (Hons), PGCE,
Diploma of Counselling

Rachael Boardman

Associate Consultant

Rachael has over ten years of experience as a classroom teacher in primary schools in England, Australia and Japan, including roles as a PSHE co-ordinator and EAL specialist teacher. She loves teaching because it brings opportunities every day to be creative, kind and inspired. While living in Australia, Rachael followed her interest in mental health by training as a counsellor and working on a crisis support helpline, giving her a deeper understanding of how people cope with challenges in their lives and what she could do to support their journeys.

She believes passionately in developing our children’s abilities to manage their emotions, health and relationships, setting them on the path to becoming resilient and contented individuals who are lifelong learners. Knowing first-hand the variety of pressures that teachers cope with today, she thinks Jigsaw PSHE is a fantastic scheme because it’s so easy to use and effective.

Rachael loves exploring and travel, especially with her endlessly curious son. She also loves to dance, write and volunteer at her local theatre.

BSc (Hons),


Judy Allies

Associate Consultant

Judy taught Biology and PSHE in Secondary schools in Swindon and Bath for 15 years. She was school lead for drugs and sex and relationship education, enabling the school to achieve ‘Schools for Health’ status in Bath and North East Somerset.

Judy was one of the first cohort of teachers to achieve the PSHE CPD qualification and delivered training to over 200 participants over 12 years in B&NES and became the local programme coordinator of the National Healthy Schools Programme in 2007 (later to become the B&NES Director of Public Health Award) in the School Improvement and Achievement Service where she remained until 2018. Always keen to develop her knowledge, she completed her UK Public Health Practitioner registration in 2014.

Judy sees the development of teachers to deliver high-quality PSHE as fundamental to supporting the health, well-being and life chances of children and young people and is delighted to be supporting schools to implement Jigsaw. She is particularly enthusiastic about the way in which Jigsaw incorporates support for emotional health and well-being and is looking forward to working with schools as they begin their Jigsaw journey.

Having recently left B&NES, Judy moved to Cornwall with her husband and dog to enjoy the beaches and countryside on a daily basis. She is a passionate supporter of Bath Rugby, though, and will be making the journey back up to watch all home matches throughout the season!

sarah image

Sarah Godsell

Associate Consultant

Sarah has over 18 years’ experience in PSHE and in primary education as a classroom teacher. In 2004 Sarah became the advisory teacher for PSHE education within South Gloucestershire Council and went on to lead the National Healthy Schools Programme, managing a small team of school advisors developing PSHE education in Primary school settings. Sarah also has also managed the National PSHE Accreditation Programme and was a National Assessor. In 2011 Sarah began working with the Public Health team, managing a smoking prevention programme in secondary schools before moving fully into Public Health in 2014. She gained a master’s in public health in 2017.

Currently, Sarah is responsible for promoting health in school settings and offers support and advice to develop teaching and learning in all aspects of PSHE as well as developing toolkits to support such themes as anxiety and sleep.

Sarah has always believed that quality PSHE teaching and learning supports children to thrive and flourish and to gain insight and trust in the world around them. Having supported many schools in the local authority to embed Jigsaw PSHE, Sarah believes the Jigsaw resource offers a rich variety of quality lesson plans and resources to ensure a consistent approach and high standard of delivery of PSHE.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys ‘treading the boards’ and is a member of a local drama group. Sarah enjoys a mixture of weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio activity through CrossFit as long as there is also some relaxing yoga! And she volunteers for the Cinnamon Trust which provides a weekly dog walking role – providing a much-needed dog fix!


Karen Thomson

Associate Consultant

Karen comes from a family of educationalists and although her career has taken her into school leadership and consultancy work, she is very much a primary school teacher at heart, with over thirty years’ experience across the primary age-range. A founder member of the national PSHE Subject Association, Karen was an Advanced Skills Teacher for PSHE and Citizenship in Devon for 10 years, working both locally and nationally to support teachers and develop provision. Karen is passionate about the importance of PSHE and is a huge believer in pupils having a voice in their learning, their school and their world. She believes that if we want a better global society for the future, we need good quality PSHE at the heart of all schools and underpinning all learning.

Karen loves spending time with her family. She reads a lot (a member of two book clubs!) and enjoys travelling to new places. Karen sings with a local choir and was the lead vocalist in a band for a few years. She loves socialising and has been told she has way too many Facebook check-ins for lunches with friends!

sarah b

Sarah Brough

Associate Consultant

Sarah started her career as a primary school teacher in schools in London and Oxfordshire working across Key Stage 2 in schools with vastly different approaches to PSHE. She joined the PSHE advisory team in Oxfordshire, before moving to the PSHE team in Wiltshire. Her specialism within the teams was in Primary Drug Education, but as part of small and effective teams, Sarah also developed and delivered training and support across the whole of the PSHE curriculum and Healthy Schools, working with many schools to help them to establish PSHE in the heart of the school curriculum. She was also an assessor for the national Certification of PSHE programme and was able to support Wiltshire teachers to achieve this standard.

Whilst she was out of a full-time educational role with her own young children, Sarah ran a sling consultancy business and shop, liaising with local professionals and supporting many new parents, and won the 2018 South Wilts Business of the Year Sole Trader Award.

After her youngest started full-time school, Sarah went back into school to teach PSHE and support pupils across the whole of Key Stage 2. She rekindled her love and understanding of the subject and is delighted to be part of the Jigsaw team at such an exciting time for PSHE.
Sarah lives in south Wiltshire and spends most of her spare time chasing around after her children and her dog and enjoying listening to terrible pop music whilst blaming it on her girls.


Mike Weenink

Senior Associate Consultant

Mike started his teaching career over 20 years ago in a large middle school in the Midlands and after moving to Bristol he worked in a couple of schools before being appointed as an acting deputy head. At the end of the year, he was appointed to the substantive post and successfully completed his NPQH.

In order to gain more leadership experience, Mike moved to a larger school where he was deputy head of a three form entry junior school. After four successful years, the junior school federated with the infant school that was based on the same site and Mike was promoted to the role of head of school.

During this time Mike joined a South Gloucestershire pilot scheme and successfully introduced Jigsaw PSHE across the entire Primary phase.

Most recently Mike returned to Wales, where he grew up, as head of a Welsh Primary school based in a very deprived Valley town. When he discovered that the school was still using very old PSHE resources he contacted Jan Lever and again successfully implemented Jigsaw PSHE to his school and three other linked primaries.

Having seen the positive impact that Jigsaw PSHE can have on entire schools Mike was very excited when offered the opportunity to join the Jigsaw team.

Mike was born in the Netherlands, raised in Wales and has also spent time living in England and Belgium. He is passionate about football but also loves going for long walks with his wife, two boys and gorgeous Golden Retriever.


Mary Clarke

Associate Consultant

Mary has 17 years teaching experience in primary schools, which includes 4 years in her current school as Assistant Head. Since completing her degree in Psychology, Mary has been passionate about health and well-being.

Mary leads PSHE, amongst other areas in her current school. She has implemented and led the Jigsaw PSHE curriculum from Nursery to Year 6. Mary has seen an incredible impact of increased well-being and happiness throughout the school. Other local schools and even international visitors have been to the school to see Jigsaw in action. The school choir also won a competition to become the voice of Jigsaw, which Mary also led.

Mary plays in a netball team and coaches the school team, does her local weekly parkrun, goes to an outdoor fitness club and adores good food and films. She also loves travelling and dancing!

BA (Hons)

Steve Tucker

Associate Consultant

Steve has 33 years of business and teaching experience. He worked as a senior manager and Director for Royal Mail Group Ltd for 26 years and was responsible for leading business and customer experience transformation programmes. He also led the development and implementation of strategies to improve employee engagement and customer data management and research.

In 2010, Steve decided it was time for a change and, after volunteer work in a range of schools including both primary, secondary and special schools, he subsequently completed his PGCE at Middlesex University and now works in a primary school.

Steve is passionate about Jigsaw products because he uses them every day in his current school, where he teaches PSHE and RE to Year 2 through to Year 6 pupils. He is PSHE and RE Subject leader and also leads the school’s Jigsaw REST and Jigsaw Families programmes, as well as the school’s approach to direct vocabulary instruction. He is also a school governor.

He is very creative and a strong believer in diversity, values and character development, inclusion, and making learning engaging and fun for both pupils and teachers. He’s seen first hand how the Jigsaw PSHE and Discovery RE products support this as well as inspiring and helping all children to aim high and achieve more than they ever thought was possible. Steve grew up in what he considers to be the golden age of the seventies and eighties and his music tastes certainly reflect this! He also uses many of the ropey TV quiz shows from these decades in his lessons!

Corporate Experience:
Events Managment
Sponsorship Liaison
Customer Relations
Business 2 Business

Elaine Arnold

Business Manager

For 25 years, Elaine worked for Barclays Bank, with the latter 10 years as a Community Investment Manager for the South West Region.  She managed investment programmes in the local community and encouraged staff to be involved with volunteering and mentoring.

In 2007 she joined Arts & Business, setting up and managing sponsorship partnerships between businesses and local arts projects across Dorset and Devon.

Elaine then worked for three years with The National Trust as Business Development Manager for Dorset, setting up partnerships and sponsorships, and managing corporate events.

Elaine has worked with Jigsaw since 2013 and has learnt so much about education and how children should be learning.

She says, “I really believe Jigsaw PSHE is the resource and approach that could be the catalyst for the change we need in our society. To teach children the mindfulness approach, and give them coping strategies at an early age”, are, she believes, the way forward.

Elaine absolutely loves country music and walking her two beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs ‘Yana’ and ‘Max’.

IT Consultant
Web & Multimedia Specialist

Neil Matthews

Technology Consultant and Media Creative

Neil’s computing career spans over 35 years and took off when he became Sales Director in his first computer company when he was 21. Experienced in many aspects of IT, Neil was a programmer for many years, a Hewlett-Packard systems builder and provided accounting solutions for several prestigious international companies, the Ministry of Defence and a plethora of SMBs. He also enjoyed 10 years working within an Accountancy practice.

Neil produces our Jan Lever Group websites and his role expands into audio and film work. He provides frontline support for our team and customers, building a solid technological infrastructure, which includes research into future technologies, testing, deployment and staff training.

Joining Jigsaw in 2015, Neil believes in global community, diversity, a shared wider-world mission, and believes that Jigsaw PSHE is a substantial catalyst for transforming our world, making it a better place for us and our children, where all people can live co-operatively, each person offering their unique positive contribution.

In his spare time, Neil is a singer-songwriter and producer, is a keen Sci-Fi fan and loves music, world cuisine, nature, the countryside and the sea, all being an endless source of inspiration, beauty, drama, joy and peace.


Registered General Nurse (RGN)

Sue Meakin

Project Manager

During a 39 year career in health, Sue has worked in Public Health for Bournemouth and Poole PCT, has been a Health Improvement Manager for Dorset Healthcare where she managed seven Sexual Health Services as well as the Stop Smoking Service. Sue also developed Sex and Relationships Education for schools across Dorset and established the Bournemouth and Poole Chlamydia Screening Service.

Sue believes passionately in informing young people about personal, social and health education and that Jigsaw PSHE delivers the information and knowledge in an informative way.

She is a very keen gardener and loves to travel having recently visited Venice, Singapore and travelled extensively in Australia.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
MA Sequential/Editorial Design

Andrea Todd

Graphic Designer

Andrea designs educational and promotional material for Jigsaw PSHE including character design and illustration.

Andrea’s passion for design has meant she has been able to be creative for her whole career. She has always enjoyed designing and communicating messages that make a real difference. When she was given the opportunity to work with the Jigsaw Team it helped Andrea realise that good design has the power to get those messages across effectively, and what fun it can be!

Andrea plays the cello in several orchestras and groups and recently performed the Queen Rock Symphony with the Questa Voce choir.

She once came second to a magician in a talent contest!


Steve Arnold

Operations and Sales Manager

For 30 years, Steve has worked in Local Government in various management roles, with the latter 2, managing the Revenues Service at Stour Valley & Poole Partnership in Dorset.

Steve joined Jigsaw as the Sales and Operations Manager, bringing a wealth of data, financial and strategic management experience to the team. He wants to ensure our Jigsaw community and partners enjoy excellent customer service.

He says, “Working in education is a whole new world for me, but I am enjoying learning about how Jigsaw helps children develop and the difference it can make in schools.”

Steve has two grown-up sons and has a great passion for American country music. He also enjoys sport (mainly watching) and loves the countryside.