The Jigsaw Team

PSHE lesson plans ks2

B.Ed(Hons), MA, Adv.Dip.Couns.

Jan Lever

Creator and Director of Jigsaw PSHE

Jan has 15 years’ experience of classroom teaching, including four years in Early Years, four in Primary and seven running RE and PSHE Departments in two very different secondary schools and teaching to A-level.

For 10 years Jan was a local authority adviser for PSHE and RE including leading many courses, conferences, projects and initiatives (Healthy Schools, Targeted Mental Health in Schools, the National PSHE CPD Programme as Local Lead across Dorset, Lead National Assessor and South West Regional Adviser, Parenting Programmes).

Jan spent two years as a Senior School Improvement Adviser leading whole school community development programmes and has, so far, 10 years as a qualified and practising counsellor and psychotherapist working from a transpersonal perspective.

Jan is passionate about Jigsaw PSHE because she believes that children’s capacity to learn is in direct correlation with their mental and emotional health and that every child deserves the best chance of making the most of their learning opportunities and being the best they can be.

Jigsaw PSHE puts all the pieces of PSHE together and gives children the mindfulness techniques essential for growing inner resilience and enjoying spiritual peace, thereby enjoying learning and being able to cope with life when it is not so easy.

Jan is a vegetarian who loves her daughter, her dogs, her work and trekking in Nepal.

‘ I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.’

‘Greatest Love of All’ by George Benson


MBPS, MSc., BSc.(Hons)

Joanna Feast

Senior Associate Consultant

Joanna’s career began in adolescent mental health services and moved on to teaching A-Level Psychology, which formed the basis of her objective to work with and for young people who face health and well-being challenges during their lives. An MSc in Health Education/Health Promotion led to a career change to the Department of Health, running national initiatives to improve children’s health and well-being. Joanna then worked as part of the Healthy Schools Programme teams in Surrey and Reading. Since self-employment in 2011, Joanna has concentrated on promoting PSHE, well-being and health in schools and other organisations, focusing on training, consultancy and writing resources. She runs her own fitness business and is a qualified GP Referral Specialist.

Joanna loves everything about Jigsaw PSHE: it challenges thinking (for children and staff) in a safe way, and encourages playfulness and independence in learning. She hopes that, in a few years’ time, there will be so many children having been part of Jigsaw PSHE that it becomes the ‘way’ of the world – where people are more able to enjoy their lives because of what and how they learnt through Jigsaw PSHE.

Joanna is an enthusiastic follower of the Alexander Technique, and in another life would have been either a dancer or backing singer with a side-line in professional cake-eating.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Maya Angelou

Corporate Experience:
Events Managment
Sponsorship Liaison
Customer Relations
Business 2 Business

Elaine Arnold

Business Manager

For 25 years, Elaine worked for Barclays Bank, with the latter 10 years as a Community Investment Manager for the South West Region.  She managed investment programmes in the local community and encouraged staff to be involved with volunteering and mentoring.

In 2007 she joined Arts & Business, setting up and managing sponsorship partnerships between businesses and local arts projects across Dorset and Devon.

Elaine then worked for three years with The National Trust as Business Development Manager for Dorset, setting up partnerships and sponsorships, and managing corporate events.

Elaine has worked with Jigsaw since 2013 and has learnt so much about education and how children should be learning.

She says, “I really believe Jigsaw PSHE is the resource and approach that could be the catalyst for the change we need in our society. To teach children the mindfulness approach, and give them coping strategies at an early age”, are, she believes, the way forward.

Elaine absolutely loves country music and walking her two beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs ‘Yana’ and ‘Max’.

‘If you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.’

‘I Hope you Dance’ by Leann Womack

Carol Catton
MA Ed., BA (Hons),
PGCE, NVQ 3 in childcare and education,

Carol Catton

Associate Consultant

Carol trained as a secondary teacher specialising in History and PSHE and taught these subjects for many years. She worked in a nursery school and as a parent helper in a first school whilst on a career break when her own children were young.

Carol then joined a middle school and became the PSHE and Citizenship co-ordinator for KS2 and 3. During this time, Carol led the Healthy Schools and Healthy Schools Plus programme. She co-ordinated the Rights Respecting Schools programme, helping her school to achieve level 2, alongside supporting other local schools.

Having had first-hand experience of leading a department in teaching Jigsaw PSHE, with staff who loved the structure and philosophy behind it and also teaching the lessons herself, Carol has witnessed the positive effects on pupils. These were well beyond any other scheme of work she had previously used. In her school surveys, PSHE topped the pupils’ list of the subject that they felt was of the most value to them.

When these pupils were interviewed about the reasons for their positive views about Jigsaw PSHE they said they appreciated:

  • The relevant, up-to-date, age-appropriate information;
  • The fun activities;
  • The importance of being able to discuss sensitive issues in a safe environment;
  • That ‘Calm Me’ time was vital for now and for their future.

It is, therefore, not surprising that Carol is passionate about Jigsaw PSHE both for pupils and for the staff who teach it.

Carol is a trustee for DEED (Development Education in Dorset and Hampshire) and thinking about names, some consider the names of her pets to be a little odd:

Plumly (dog), Jasmine, Ukemi and Ogoshi (cats), Cee and Saw (rabbits), Badger Boy and Master Sprout (guinea pigs).  Carol says they make any visit to the vet amusing!

‘The answer is blowing in the wind.’

‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ by Bob Dylan



Alison Harris

Senior Consultant and Trainer, Project Manager and Training Co-ordinator

Alison worked in motor industry management with a large PLC but changed careers and qualified as a Primary teacher in 2000. As a senior leader at one of the first pilot schools, Alison has an in-depth knowledge and first-hand teaching familiarity with Jigsaw PSHE and is an experienced trainer and school mentor of this programme, believing that children are better equipped to deal with the pressures of the modern curriculum if their emotional health and well-being are put at the heart of their learning. In 2014, she also achieved the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership, one aspect of which entailed introducing independent learning strategies school-wide, building on the success of the skills the children had embedded through Jigsaw. Her teaching has consistently been graded as outstanding, and this has been validated by Ofsted inspections.

Alison is fully committed to Jigsaw PSHE because children who enjoy good relationships, have good self-esteem and can see failure as an opportunity to learn as much as they enjoy success, will be rounded individuals for life. She passionately believes that these citizens of tomorrow will make the world a better place, as they utilise the skills learnt through Jigsaw’s mindful approach, in their teenage and adult lives.

Alison has the dubious honour of owning a chinchilla called Pepper who is a bit of an escapologist. She also speaks Spanish and loves Spanish culture so regularly spends time in Spain with family and friends.

‘ If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change.’

‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson

M.Ed.; B.Ed. (Hons) Cert Ed.
Fellow Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH),
Fellow Royal Society for Arts (FRSA),
Fellow Institute Leadership and Management (FILM)

John Rees

Associate Consultant and Manager (Northern Region)

Having taught PSHE for 12 years in secondary schools, latterly as a senior leader, John lead the Devon Healthy Schools Programme before transforming ‘APAUSE’, a schools-based health education programme from a two-school research project into an effective multi-agency programme with approximately 200 schools across the UK and overseas with unique evidence of health benefit and educational improvement.

John became an independent PSHE consultant in 2006 and has enjoyed repeat commissions with a range of Local Authorities across the UK and overseas.  He was also a Regional Subject Advisor for the PSHE Association and a Regional Advisor (& Assessor) for the National PSHE CPD programme.

John says that Jigsaw PSHE is simply the best PSHE programme he has ever seen for primary schools.  It builds on existing good practice, brings things up-to-date with a whole-school provision and overview to help provide high-quality PSHE and support learning and achievement across the curriculum.

John has been told that he has a voice and face for radio and despite those home-counties vowels, is 100% Welsh – especially during the rugby season!

‘ Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi.  (The land of my fathers, the land of my choice) ’

Evan & James James (Welsh National Anthem)


BA (Hons) PGCE (RE) AST (RE)

David Rees

Senior Consultant and Trainer

David became a secondary PSHE Co-ordinator due to his belief in its value in helping students understand their own feelings and experiences. As he started to plan and deliver PSHE lessons he found first-hand how essential PSHE was and how awful some of the previous planning had been! David was shocked to find really dull lessons and an over-reliance on very dated videos and realised that the subject needed to be given more status. Therefore in his secondary school he invited visitors in to give presentations on a range of topics, including sexual health, to which the students responded positively, learned so much and were treated as adults in the process.

From then on David has been committed to raising the profile of PSHE wherever possible. He believes that PSHE needs to be embedded in the curriculum from an early age as issues such as body image, self-confidence and self-esteem, celebrating differences and safeguarding are essential to learning. An unhappy child will not learn well or develop into a well-rounded adult.

David is passionate about Jigsaw PSHE as it encourages mindfulness, allowing students to take time to calm themselves and connect with others around them in their increasingly hectic lives. Jigsaw PSHE also celebrates difference and encourages students to be the best person they can be whilst looking out for those around them. Jigsaw PSHE is a life-enriching programme.

David is one of 14 people globally (this figure may not be accurate) who adore progressive rock music. He can often be found playing air guitar to an admiring audience of his pet dachsund and rabbits.

‘Go, seize the day,
Wake up and say,
This is an extraordinary life.
Enjoy today,
Come what may,
This is an extraordinary life.’

‘An Extraordinary Life’ by Asia

Richards photo
PGC Academic Practice

Richard Palmer

Associate Consultant

Richard has over 22 years’ experience in PSHE and primary education firstly as a classroom teacher and then as a PSHE subject leader in a variety of rural and city schools. This led to 9 years’ service as an advisory teacher for PSHE education with Wiltshire Council where Richard led the Healthy Schools Programme for the county and managed a team of school advisors developing PSHE education and Citizenship in Early Years, Primary and Secondary school settings. Richard has also worked as a PSHE Regional Advisor across all London boroughs with responsibility for training teachers within the National PSHE Accreditation Programme in partnership with Roehampton University. He has also worked in Higher Education as a University tutor in Initial Teacher Education.

Now working as an independent consultant, Richard offers schools support and advice to develop teaching and learning in all aspects of PSHE, RE and SMSC.

Richard has always believed that PSHE lies at the heart of any school and is fundamental to develop a child or young person’s learning so they can recognise and realise their own potential. With the mindfulness approach firmly embedded in the Jigsaw resources, Richard acknowledges Jigsaw’s benefit for busy teachers and pupils alike, where it can be used to offer an important ‘space’ for pupils to explore and develop their life skills, personalities and relationships.

In his spare time Richard enjoys gardening and looking after his growing menagerie of pets on his smallholding in rural Cumbria with his husband Andrew. Richard also enjoys acting and singing and is a member of his local Star Wars society which raises money for children’s charities. He prides himself on being Kate Bush’s number one fan!

‘They arrived at an inconvenient time.
I was hiding in a room in my mind.
They made me look at myself. I saw it well.
I’d shut the people out of my life.
So now I take the opportunities;
Wonderful teachers ready to teach me.
I must work on my mind. For now I realise..
Everyone of us has a heaven inside.’

‘Them Heavy People’ by Kate Bush

BA (Hons) Humanities
MA Education

Jayne Wright

Associate Consultant

Following an English and Psychology degree and PGCE, Jayne began life as a teacher in a challenging London school. As her Head at the time said, ‘If you can teach here, you can teach anywhere!’ Jayne reflects that ‘It was challenging but you made such a positive, obvious difference to their lives.’  It’s here that Jayne met her husband, so her children have two teachers for parents…poor things!

Jayne later moved out to a school in Buckinghamshire for a promotion and thoroughly enjoyed the next four years. As PSHE Lead at this school, she feels this is when her career took a very different direction. She completed her MA in Education which enriched her interest in all things PSHCE. She developed a real passion for this field so when an opportunity arose to apply for the Healthy Schools Adviser post for Herts County Council, she applied, shortly afterwards becoming the PSHE Adviser for the county. With over 550 schools to support, a budget and a team to oversee, the learning curve was huge, but rewarding. It was at this time that she had the opportunity to study to achieve Ofsted Inspector status to help her improve her understanding of school improvement expectations. She is keen to stress that she has never chosen to complete a paid inspection but found the training, inspection shadowing  and information invaluable.

Following the birth or her first and second child, Jayne wanted to keep her career on track and be there for her children…a tough juggle but working part-time as a Regional Adviser on the PSHE CPD programme and assessing portfolios of PSHE teachers meant to she was able to do just that. It was at this point she met Jan Lever, author of Jigsaw, who was the National Lead on the programme.

Jayne then took up employment closer to home for Bucks CC, initially based in schools in challenging circumstances and then as Healthy Schools and Citizenship Consultant. Jayne decided to become a fully independent consultant, working still as a Regional Adviser and for educational charities such as Citizenship Foundation, pfeg and l8r. She also undertook roles in Luton & Thurrock Healthy Schools teams and worked as a trainer and Education Manger at Creative Education. She has since written a chapter in ‘Developing Citizens’ and has been consultant editor for Hachette Books PSHE resources.

Seven years ago, Jayne decided to return to the classroom, receiving very positive Ofsted outcomes and successfully leading PSHCE, called ‘Wellbeing’ at her last school. Her love of PSHCE found her back working in Herts for Learning as the PSHE & Healthy Schools Consultant after this time spent back at the coalface.

In her PSHE advisory role, she heard such positive reports of a resource called Jigsaw PSHE from the schools she was working within Hertfordshire. When she sent off for further details she realised that it was a Jan Lever® resource. Jayne is now passionate about spreading the word to as many schools as possible because she has seen for herself so many schools use Jigsaw so successfully. She is so impressed with the mindfulness opportunities that are built into each and every lesson plan. ‘Jigsaw PSHE allows me to fully support schools to deliver absolutely outstanding PSHE and to embed mindfulness approaches in schools. With mental health issues becoming more prominent, this resource makes such a positive difference. What an amazing role to hold!’

‘The most important use of knowledge and education is to help us understand the importance of engaging in more wholesome actions and bringing about discipline within our minds. The proper utilization of our intelligence and knowledge is to effect changes from within to develop a good heart.’

Dalai Lama

IT Consultant
Web & Multimedia Specialist

Neil Matthews

Technology Consultant and Media Creative

Neil’s professional career in computing spans over 30 years, as a hobby when he was 14 and took off when he became Sales Director in his first computer company when he was 21. Experienced in many aspects of IT as well as being a programmer for many years, Neil was a Hewlett-Packard systems builder and built LAN/WAN/DTP/CAD and Accounting solutions for several prestigious international companies, the Ministry of Defence and a plethora of SMBs. Neil also benefited from his 10 years within an Accountancy practice.

Neil’s role is to support our staff and consultants with a solid technological infrastructure, which includes research, testing, deployment, staff training and support. He also maintains for our public presence our websites and videos.

Joining Jigsaw in January 2015, Neil has been able to draw from 13 years of service in liberal church leadership. He believes there are many parallels that translate well into PSHE: global community, structured learning, diversity, social interaction, shared wider-world mission, group care and support, intra-personal and interpersonal awareness and holistic wellness.

Neil believes that excellent PSHE education is a key component to assist humanity realise its hidden potential, resolve conflict, prejudice and the fear of difference.  His hope is that Jigsaw PSHE will become a substantial catalyst in transforming our world, making it a better place in which all people can live co-operatively, and each offer their unique positive contribution.  He says, “We come into this world with nothing and we leave it with nothing.  Money is irrelevant.  It is what we do that matters.  What better legacy is there than leaving our mark on this world, where we donate it to our children in a better state than we found it, and allow them opportunity to do the same.”

Neil is a singer/songwriter in his spare time, having written songs for churches to help take down unnecessary boundaries around the human spirit, as well as instrumental music for healing and recovery.

Neil loves Star Trek, world cuisine, music, fauna and flora, the open countryside and being near the sea, the latter two being an endless source of inspiration, beauty, drama, fun and peace.

He leaves you with an invitation to view life in a deeper way where everything is in front of you, just waiting for you to discover it.

‘Come see, come see with spirit eyes,
Come see, the door is open.’

‘Come see’ by Michael W Smith / Whitney, Debbie & Ryan Smith /
Leeland Dayton Mooring


Registered General Nurse (RGN)

Sue Meakin

Project Manager

During a 39 year career in health, Sue has worked in Public Health for Bournemouth and Poole PCT, has been a Health Improvement Manager for Dorset Healthcare where she managed seven Sexual Health Services as well as the Stop Smoking Service. Sue also developed Sex and Relationships Education for schools across Dorset and established the Bournemouth and Poole Chlamydia Screening Service.

Sue believes passionately in informing young people about personal, social and health education and that Jigsaw PSHE delivers the information and knowledge in an informative way.

She is a very keen gardener and loves to travel having recently visited Venice, Singapore and travelled extensively in Australia.

‘Live with passion.
Live with enthusiasm.
Live your best life.’

Lailah Gifty Akita

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
MA Sequential/Editorial Design

Andrea Todd

Graphic Designer

Andrea designs educational and promotional material for Jigsaw PSHE including character design and illustration.

Andrea’s passion for design has meant she has been able to be creative for her whole career. She has always enjoyed designing and communicating messages that make a real difference. When she was given the opportunity to work with the Jigsaw Team it helped Andrea realise that good design has the power to get those messages across effectively, and what fun it can be!

Andrea plays the cello in several orchestras and groups and recently performed the Queen Rock Symphony with the Questa Voce choir.

She once came second to a magician in a talent contest!

‘I dream that one day our songs in some way will bring a bright tomorrow, full of love, full of  hope, full of joy.’

‘Better World’ by Smokey Mountain


Steve Arnold

Operations and Sales Manager

For 30 years, Steve has worked in Local Government in various management roles, with the latter 2, managing the Revenues Service at Stour Valley & Poole Partnership in Dorset.

Steve joined Jigsaw as the Sales and Operations Manager, bringing a wealth of data, financial and strategic management experience to the team. He wants to ensure our Jigsaw community and partners enjoy excellent customer service.

He says, “Working in education is a whole new world for me, but I am enjoying learning about how Jigsaw helps children develop and the difference it can make in schools.”

Steve has two grown-up sons and has a great passion for American country music. He also enjoys sport (mainly watching) and loves the countryside.

‘Always stay humble and kind’

Tim McGraw


MA Education
MSc Public Health
FRSPH (Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health)

Angela Milliken

Associate Consultant

Angela has worked in education and supporting educators for over 20 years.  She was a sixth form teacher and spent 10 years as a Director of the Engineering Development Trust, an educational charity.  In that role she had national responsibility for training, with the personal development of young people very much at the forefront of her work. Providing students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help them be successful in relationship-building as well as their academic development was a key focus of her role.  

After a five-year ‘living the dream’ adventure in Spain, Angela joined Swindon Borough to manage the Healthy Schools Programme working as part of the public health team, where she developed her knowledge and understanding of how closely health and education are linked. 

Angela was able to develop and implement a range of projects aimed at reducing health inequalities and see measurable results when staff in schools were supported with good quality resources and she believes that this is the key to achieving health improvement at a universal level.  During this time Angela was also about to pursue academic and research interests to become a public health specialist.

Angela has worked with Jigsaw since 2013 and in that time has been delighted to see so many schools get as excited about Jigsaw as she is.  She says, “It’s so rewarding to see the almost instantaneous benefits in the classroom when Jigsaw is introduced and what makes it so perfect is that everyone takes the Jigsaw journey together.  In terms of inclusion, Jigsaw really comes into its own, and on so many levels, from its fundamental building blocks of improving mental health, through to great quality relationship and sex education that supports effective safeguarding, Jigsaw is a resource I am proud to be associated with.

Angela’s own health and well-being gets a regular boost from her passion for running and she can be found outside in all weathers enjoying the great British countryside as she clocks up the miles training for her next challenge.

‘Take control of your mind and meditate’

‘Where is the love?’ by The Black Eyed Peas

Janet Palmer

MA; BA (Hons); PGCE

Janet Palmer

Jigsaw Consultant

Janet was an HMI for eleven years and the National Lead for PSHE. Prior to joining Ofsted, she was a secondary school teacher, a PSHE local authority adviser, and worked for seventeen years in higher education responsible for teacher training in the social sciences, PSHE and citizenship.

She also led on a Diploma in Pastoral Education, a Post Graduate Certificate in PSHE and citizenship, provided bespoke PSHE training for the police and school nurses and organised regional and national PSHE conferences.

As an adviser to the DfES on the ‘Certification of the Teaching of PSHE’, Janet worked with the PSHE curriculum team and Health Development Agency to agree the Standards for Certification, plan and carry out the training of PSHE Leads in 151 Local Authorities and wrote the supporting handbook and materials. 

Within Ofsted she helped develop the equalities aspects of the inspection frameworks and led Inspector training.

What the educator does in teaching is to make it possible for the students to become themselves.

Paulo Freire


BSc (Hons); PGCE

Katie Gumbrell

Jigsaw Consultant

Katie embarked on her PGCE after a short career as an IT nerd, with the intention of pursuing the other half of her degree and becoming a museum education officer (Katie’s first degree is in computer science and archaeology).

Katie’s first experiences during her training turned that plan on its head and she now finds it hard to imagine life without a class! She puts high-quality PSHE at the core of her teaching and prides herself on developing the wider, immeasurable skills and qualities of high emotional intelligence. Katie has a particular passion for developing children’s relationships with each other and the wider world. She has taught across the primary age-range, including at a Pupil Referral Unit, and thinks that teaching is the best job in the world.

Having championed Jigsaw PSHE in a challenging school, Katie knows the positive impact its inclusive, holistic and interesting approach can have on children.

When she’s not being a teacher, Katie is a running coach and enjoys lifting weights.  Her favourite animals are frogs and she loves being in wide, open spaces.

‘In every life we have some trouble

But when you worry you make it double

Don’t worry, be happy’

Bobby McFerrin

BA (Hons); PGCE,

Diploma of Counselling

Rachael Boardman

Jigsaw Consultant

Rachael’s career began in a rural Japanese village, teaching English for two years. On her return, she trained as a primary school teacher and has spent over nine years teaching in KS1 and KS2 both in the UK and Australia, including roles as a PSHE co-ordinator and EAL specialist teacher. During that time, she also spent two summers in Italy working for an arts festival. She says she loves teaching because it brings opportunities every day to be creative, kind and inspired!

While living in Australia, Rachael followed her interest in mental health by training as a counsellor and working on a crisis support helpline. This gave her a deeper understanding of how people cope with challenges in their lives and what she could do to support their journeys.

She believes passionately in developing our children’s abilities to manage their emotions, health and relationships, setting them on the path to becoming resilient and contented individuals who are lifelong learners.

Knowing first-hand the variety of pressures that teachers cope with today, she thinks Jigsaw is a fantastic scheme because it’s so easy to use and effective.

Rachael’s son is a bundle of curiosity and she loves going on adventures with him. When she does have some time to herself, she works on her novel in the hope that one day, she might finish the first draft.

‘My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style’

Maya Angelou

Bill Moore
BA (Hons) Theology and Rel Studs,


Bill Moore

Jigsaw Consultant

Bill entered teaching, having sworn as a pupil never to become a teacher, after doing voluntary work with young offenders. It was this that made him realise first what a difference education can make in the lives of young people and second that he was able to connect with them. As a new teacher he became very interested in and a keen practitioner of what was then know as ‘Active Tutorial Work’. From then on he actively promoted and taught PSHE in each school in which he worked, eventually leading the transformation of PSHE in a challenging school in Cumbria.

Bill was the RE and PSHE Adviser, and Healthy Schools lead for the Buckinghamshire School Improvement service, providing training and support to schools of all types and phases. He developed a reputation for engaging and thought-provoking CPD that focused on learning in the classroom and uses P4C, stilling and ‘Conceptual Creativity’ to good effect in his teaching and training. Bill sees education as relational and thus sees PSHE as central to learning. When asked why PSHE is important, he usually refers people to ‘The Survivor’s Plea’.

Dear Teacher,
I am a survivor of a concentration camp.
My eyes saw what no men should witness:
gas chambers built by engineers;
children poisoned by educated physicians;
infants killed by trained nurses;
women and babies shot and burned by high school and college graduates.
So I am suspicious of your education.
My request is: help your students become human. Your efforts must never produce
learned monsters, skilled psychopaths, educated Eichmanns.
Reading, writing, arithmetic are important only if they serve to make our children more human.

Which says it all, really.

Having supported schools in his role as PSHE adviser, Bill became acutely aware of the challenges of co-ordinating and leading such a broad and amorphous curriculum area. This is why he sees the importance and value of Jigsaw PSHE in making the learning more meaningful for the pupils and the teaching more manageable for the teachers.