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That’s what Jiggies do!

The Jiggies singing That's what Jiggies do.

The Jiggies are our collection of Jigsaw Friends and they have a new song called ‘That’s what Jiggies do’; it’s all about promoting more kindness and compassion in the world.

Children are invited to help The Jiggies and think about positive messages they would like their own version of the song to give to the world, and then sing it in their own way, replacing one word in every verse with their own special word.

This song is part of lessons provided in the Jigsaw Recovery Package.

Watch the videos below to see what other schools have been doing.

We appreciate St James’, St John’s and Lilliput Schools for being the first three brave schools to send us their videos. What a brilliant job! What a great place the world will be when these children lead it.