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Success Story from Sheet Primary School in Hampshire

Significant success with PSHE Curriculum Development, Mindfulness, Emotional Literacy, Celebrating Difference, Dreams and Goals, Relationships, Changing Me, Calm Me and General Ethos

Jigsaw boardWe introduced Jigsaw in September 2015. I teach Jigsaw across three of our four classes. I work from the Jigsaw program making PowerPoint presentations for each lesson, these then work through from introducing the piece to reflection at the end. I include any recommended video links (that I find appropriate for our children), from here I have found it flows and keeps continuity for the children.

When you enter this schoolAs a school, we have enjoyed the assemblies and end-of-topic displays we have shared as a whole school. It has been very inclusive in so many ways. It helps to show the children the wonderfully diverse world we live in, from cultures to disabilities. It has been fabulous to see the children working together with the ‘Jiggies’ and as a whole school. Jigsaw has given us a comprehensive PSHE scheme to tailor to our school and its needs.


Zacks goalImpact of Jigsaw

We have been able to expose our children to many diversities in an appropriate and respectful way. PSHE was always very woolly before and it is a branch of our school I am now very proud of. It has helped us install a greater self-awareness about drugs and alcohol. Our SRE program has changed since attending the Jigsaw training, meeting and discussing our options with a parent working party in school.

When I have attended any other training, I have been able to share and say that it is all covered with our Jigsaw PSHE!

I believe our children have been allowed to develop a greater understanding of their personal, social and health wellbeing. They now ask for ‘Calm Me’ time, to help them focus. So ‘WOW’ what lovely well-rounded individuals we are nurturing.

Looking forward

We wish the [Jigsaw] scheme to continue to be enriching and inclusive. It is definitely broadening our children’s outlook and perceptions of the world around them.

Sheet Primary School, Hampshire.

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