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Jigsaw 12-16 for Scotland is part of the wider Jigsaw 11-16 Programme, bringing together Health and Well-being, emotional literacy, social and employability skills and spiritual development in a comprehensive scheme of learning for Secondary schools. Teaching strategies are varied and are mindful of preferred learning styles and the need for differentiation. Jigsaw is designed as a whole-school approach, a spiral curriculum, with year groups working on the same theme (Puzzle) at the same time.

Well-structured lesson plans with Powerpoint Presentations and teaching/learning activities empower the specialist and non-specialist alike, mindful of the often limited planning time available. The focus on mental health is evident throughout, and the content is student-driven and in line with the latest national guidance.

Jigsaw 11-16 is a universal, core Health and Well-being Programme, designed, co-produced and trialled in collaboration with teachers, students and multi-agency teams.

All Jigsaw Programmes are underpinned by mindfulness philosophy with mindfulness practice scripts and audio files included in every lesson, supporting young people’s mental health and learning.

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What Jigsaw 11-16 does...

…for students:

  • Provides a safe space to develop knowledge, skills and values
  • Offers strategies to manage emotional and mental health
  • Helps students prepare for future life and work
  • Enhances learning capacity

Ensuring this programme and approach reflects the needs of young people has been critical to its creation and we would like to offer special thanks to Poole’s Members of Youth Parliament and young people from Poole Youth Forum who have played a key role in shaping the content and style.

“We want to understand about mental health, drugs, and issues like peer pressure and relationships because this is important in our whole lives, not just while we are at school.”

Student Age 14

Secondary Students
Teacher holding a Jigsaw Folder

…for schools:

  • Provides comprehensive, flexible lesson plans and materials that support current Health and Well-being learning outcomes
  • Offers a flexible, progressive, developmental scheme of work that includes assessment/CV development opportunities
  • Helps all teachers deliver high-quality Health and Well-being
  • Enhances whole-school ethos

“This area of the curriculum has not been given the status it deserves in my school. The Jigsaw Programme will help me make this high-profile across the school, support all the tutors to deliver it well, and give young people their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum to equip them for life. Thank you. It has been a pleasure being part of the pilot project.”

Subject Leader

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What does Jigsaw 11-16 cover?

Jigsaw 11-16 is a Secondary Education Programme, which comprises:-

  • A comprehensive and completely original scheme of work for Years S1-S4
  • Personal, social, health education, resilience, mental health, emotional literacy, employability skills and spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • Inclusive Relationships and Sex Education
  • Detailed and flexible weekly lesson plans for all year groups (including teaching resources) that can be adapted according to the structure of the timetable and that model best practice
  • Mindfulness, relationships and exploration ‘Veins’ running throughout
  • The Jigsaw Approach, underpinned by mindfulness
  • Data collection, impact measurement, skill development (CV development)

What do you get when you buy Jigsaw 11-16?

  • Digital download of whichever year group(s) you have purchased, including lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, audio files and scripts for mindfulness practice, plus teaching and learning activities.
    All you need to deliver a high-quality spiral Health and Well-being programme across the school.

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Options to:

  • buy hard-copy folders of lesson plans for each year group
  • subscribe to annual Jigsaw updates
  • participate in Jigsaw training

Testimonials from Pilot Schools

“The content is Student-driven and appeals to students of all ages, making participation and engagement a key environmental learning factor.”
“Jigsaw 11-16 raised teachers’ awareness of the ingredients of successful social interaction, self-confidence and team-building and we worked as a whole school to keep this high-profile, to good effect for the children, (and the teachers actually)”

“Parents really came on board supporting the topics covered in Jigsaw Secondary, allowing the learning to be practised at home”

Jigsaw means...

“we learn about relationships, money, politics, work and all the things that will help us as we grow up, not just academic subjects like Science and Maths”


15 Year-old UK Youth Parliament representative

“Jigsaw will give young people their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum to equip them for life. 

Subject Leader

Request Free Inspection Materials

To help you decide if Jigsaw 11-16 would suit your school, we provide sample materials for you to inspect so you can see what Jigsaw 11-16 looks like, and check out our quality resources for yourself.

Jigsaw 11-16 Pricing

Pricing Information for Secondary Jigsaw

Purchasing options

Price for materials

Optional annual updates

Purchasing options

Full Set for Ages 12-16 (S1-S4)

Full Set for Ages 12-16  (S1-S4)

Materials: £1180

Optional annual updates: £320

Individual Year group

Individual Year group

Materials: £350

Optional annual updates: £80

To make Jigsaw 11-16 as economical as possible for schools, Jigsaw 11-16 teaching materials are supplied in an electronic format. However, for schools preferring a fully printed version, we can (in addition to the electronic materials) supply a hard-copy (A4) folder for an extra fee of £100 for each respective year group you purchase. Simply choose when you place your order.

All prices are shown exclusive of UK VAT and P&P.  The final price to pay will be calculated during the order process and before you make your purchase