Jigsaw 11-16 Recovery Package

for Secondary schools with students aged 11-16 returning to the classroom

Why we are offering schools this Recovery Package

At Jigsaw, we are always keen to support schools and being very aware that the Covid 19 pandemic has caused so much disruption and will continue to impact on school life, teachers and students, we offer you these lesson plans and the Jigsaw REST (resilience-building pack) as our small contribution to helping as students return to school.

The Jigsaw 11-16 Recovery Pack comprises:

  1. Introduction
  1. x6 new lesson plans

These have been written as PowerPoints with activities built into the slides. We envisage the lessons being used either by teachers in the classroom and/or as self-study packs for students working from home.

Teachers will of course, use their professionalism and discretion to assess which lessons may be suitable for self-study, and teachers, not Jigsaw, take full responsibility for this.

The lesson plans:

a) Looking after myself
b) Managing difficult feelings
c) Loss and grief
d) Remembering who I am and who I want to become
e) Looking forward, beyond Covid-19…for me
f) Looking forward, beyond Covid-19…for the world

  1. Jigsaw Charter, editable so you can add Covid-safety ‘rules’
  1. Jigsaw REST (Resilience and Engagement Scale and Toolkit)

This includes:

a) Resilience Scale to measure resilience and wellbeing against 10 descriptors
The Scale can be used as a screening tool for all students
or can be used as part of the REST self-study pack
b) Suggested strategies for building each descriptor
c) Resilience Journal sheet
d) x6 short self-study PowerPoints with suggested tasks
e) a map showing which Jigsaw PSHE lessons may also be useful for building each descriptor

What else does Jigsaw 11-16 provide for schools?

Detailed lesson plans and unique teaching tools
Jigsaw 11-16 PSHE for Secondary PSHE (logo)A whole-school,  spiral PSHE scheme of work (inc. all lessons required to fulfill the DfE Statutory Relationships and Health Education curriculum) for teaching children from age 3 to 16 (both Primary and Secondary schemes available).

For the Secondary School:

  • A comprehensive and completely original scheme of work for Years 7-11/S1-4
  • PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education), resilience, mental health, emotional literacy, social and employability skills, British values and spiritual development (SMSC)
  • Inclusive Relationship, Sex and Health Education, meeting statutory requirements (DfE 2019 England)
  • Detailed and flexible weekly lesson plans for all year groups (including teaching resources) that can be adapted according to the structure of the timetable and that model best practice
  • Mindfulness practice and philosophy throughout
  • Summative assessment workbook for every unit
  • Teaching and assessment materials to deliver the NCFE levels 1 and 2 RSHE Awards

Jigsaw PSHE REST logo

Jigsaw PSHE Programmes are all about empowering young people to understand and respect themselves, to have self- efficacy and agency.

Building resilience is a vital part of this, so the REST Programme offers additional opportunities for students to either work together at school (in Tutor time or within PSHE) or use self-reflection in their own time, to assess their own resilience against the 10 descriptors (ingredients of resilience) and work on strategies to build their resilience.

The Jigsaw REST 11-16 Programme comprises:

  • A training session for staff
  • The Student Resilience Scale
  • The Scale with reflections and strategies
  • A 6-session plan with PowerPoints
  • A Resilience Journal sheet
  • A Class Record sheet

REST 11-16 is included with Jigsaw 11-16