Jigsaw Recovery Package

for Primary schools with children aged 5-11/12 returning to the classroom

Why we’re giving schools this Recovery Package

At Jigsaw, we are always keen to support schools and being very aware that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused so much disruption and will continue to have all sorts of impact on children, we have written these materials that we hope may help as children return to school.

Some children will be eager to get back to the safety and predictability that school provides for them, others may be anxious or not want to come back. A safe, calm, caring, welcoming school community will offer routine and solidity.

Our ‘Recovery’ Package comprises:

  • This Introduction from Jan Lever, the Creator and CEO of Jigsaw PSHE
  • A free PDF book for children (free to distribute to your children under a Creative Commons licence)
  • A mapping document showing which Jigsaw 3-11 lessons could offer support for specific topics related to returning to school
  • Separate packs for KS1 and KS2, each including:
    • An assembly acknowledging the Covid situation, drawing out the positive themes from it e.g. community spirit, helping others, Colonel Tom, NHS, etc. and supporting British Values and togetherness.
    • Lesson plans focussing on:
      • Welcome back to school including a temporary Jigsaw Charter to support respect for personal space (social distancing), hygiene, etc.
      • Belonging and feeling safe at school
      • Reconnecting with friends at school
      • The Coronavirus explained and keeping safe and well
      • Managing worries, fears and anxieties
      • Being positive and looking forward to learning
      • Gratitude and appreciation
      • Loss and bereavement

What else does Jigsaw provide for schools?

Detailed lesson plans and unique teaching tools
jigsaw pshe team logoA whole-school spiral PSHE scheme of work (inc. all lessons required to fulfill the DfE Statutory Relationships and Health Education curriculum) for teaching children from age 3 to 16 (Primary and Secondary schemes available).

For the Primary School:

  • Over 288 lesson plans complete with resources
  • Teaching preparation sheets for both Teachers and Subject Leaders.
  • Assemblies, music and PowerPoint presentations
  • Integrated assessment process and ongoing mentor support
  • Plus access to our Jigsaw Community Area with extended resources

Building resilience in childrenThe Jigsaw Resilience and Engagement Scale and Toolkit offers an effective screening and measurement tool to determine children’s levels of resilience and emotional well-being. R.E.S.T. also suggests interventions to develop each of the 10 resilience-building descriptors.

Included is the Resilience Scale, staff training presentations, parent/carer information & engagement materials, interactive recording and tracking models, ready-made activities and interventions.

Can be used as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of work.

Only £100 per school.