by Jan Lever, 3 January, 2019

“Can You Hear The Sea?” is the first publication from the ‘Jigsaw in Focus’ series

Standard and Large versions for the Can You See The Sea story

“Can You Hear The Sea?” is a powerful, moving and reassuring story for children about the stages of grief and the journey to acceptance.

Sensitively told by the author, Richard Palmer, the story mindfully unwraps two worlds, sewing them together into a shared human experience in a way that children can really relate to, a story which begins in dark despair and concludes in happiness?

The story is visually enhanced through mindful and artistic illustrations by Beth Suzanna and is the first book from our new ‘Jigsaw in Focus’ series.

At Jigsaw, we aim to empower children to understand who they are; to be proud of their identity, to build positive self-image and self-esteem; to accept individuality; and to nurture emotional resilience through mindfulness… so that they learn to cope with the difficult experiences life brings them, as well as embrace the wonders and beauty the world has to offer.

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I hope this book will bring understanding and comfort to many children.

Jan Lever

Creator and Director of Jigsaw PSHE

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