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Primary PSHE scheme of work including statutory Relationships and Health Education

Jigsaw 3-11 offers a comprehensive Programme for Primary PSHE including statutory Relationships and Health Education, in a spiral, progressive and fully planned scheme of work, giving children relevant learning experiences to help them navigate their world and to develop positive relationships with themselves and others.

With strong emphasis on emotional literacy, building resilience and nurturing mental and physical health, Jigsaw 3-11 properly equips schools to deliver engaging and relevant PSHE within a whole-school approach. Jigsaw lessons also include mindfulness allowing children to advance their emotional awareness, concentration and focus.

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Building resilience in children

Jigsaw REST

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Building resilience in children

Video: What children say about Jigsaw and the positive impact it has on their health and relationships

Fulfils statutory requirements
for Relationships and Health Education
Plus Ofsted guidance
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What's in Jigsaw 3-11 PSHE for Schools in England?

Key Points
The full Set includes:

  • 288 Lesson Plans complete with resources
  • PowerPoint® presentations, images, interactive games and activities needed to teach the lessons
  • Time-saving Teacher Preparation Pages (allowing teachers to quickly identify key aspects for each unit of work)
  • A Jigsaw Friend, Jigsaw Jerrie Cat Friend and a Jigsaw Chime for each year group
    (extras are available for additional classrooms)
  • Launch Assemblies (with original songs; sheet music, MP3 music tracks and PowerPoint slides with embedded content)
  • A range of mapping documents for Subject Leaders and senior management showing how Jigsaw meets key agendas, such as DfE Relationships and Health Education guidance, Ofsted Personal Development criteria, Safeguarding, SMSC, British Values and Internet Safety.
  • A fully integrated assessment process allowing schools to easily track pupil progress.
  • Free ongoing mentor support and access to additional materials in the password-protected Jigsaw Community Area (including training materials, mapping documents, materials for parental communication and additional/optional teaching resources).

Jiggies and files for England and Wales

Jigsaw resources are purchased as a digital download (or with optional hard-copy folders) plus a Friend, Jerrie Cat and a Chime come with each year-group purchased. Schools may choose a Whole School Set or individual year groups. Whatever you choose, you will be equipped with colourful and up-to-date teaching resources.

Please note our digital materials are supplied as Microsoft PowerPoint (pptx), Microsoft Word (docx), Adobe (pdf), Audio (mp3) and Video (mp4) formats. Some types may be embedded into some PowerPoints and you should check that your software is properly compatible. For best results, we recommend using Microsoft Office 2016 onward on a device with suitable processing power and storage with a good internet connection.

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Does Jigsaw PSHE really work?


Around 95% of Bristol Primary schools are using Jigsaw PSHE to deliver social and emotional skills in every lesson including Mindfulness, increasing focus on support around mental health and wellbeing. We were fortunate to discover the Jigsaw PSHE programme and found it gave us all we were looking for, and more!

Bristol City Council (Unitary Authority)

“Since the introduction of the Jigsaw scheme there has been a dramatic improvement of behaviour within our school. Within two academic years, incidents dropped from 158 to just 4, evidence of a huge improvement. Children now have a weekly lesson with designated time to broach difficult subjects such as sex education and how relationships develop. Throughout the [Ofsted] inspection, they spoke with the Deputy Head and the PSHE lead about the impact that the scheme had had within the school and praised the effectiveness of the scheme in improving children’s welfare and preparation for the outside world.”

Deputy Head & PSHE Lead – Eynsham

“We achieved outstanding in our recent OFSTED inspection for elements where Jigsaw had clearly impacted. Jigsaw has proved to be a such a valuable investment and we are compliant with compulsory Relationship and Health Education guidance. As a very small rural school with little capital and busy staff, being able to use Pupil Premium and School Sports funding to buy Jigsaw helped us supplement the funds we had already raised through our parent fundraising group. The children love Jigsaw, it’s effective and we have saved the staff time, worry and energy. What’s not to like?”

Governor (Cumbria)

The Jigsaw Structure

How the big picture fits together
Jigsaw consists of six half-term units of work (Puzzles), each containing six lessons (Pieces) covering each academic year.

Every Piece has two Learning Intentions, one specific to Relationships and Health Education (PSHE) and the other designed to develop emotional literacy and social skills.

Puzzles are launched with a whole-school assembly containing an original song, with each year group studying the same unit at the same time (at their own level), building sequentially through the school year, facilitating whole-school learning themes.

The various teaching and learning activities are engaging and mindful of different learning styles and the need for differentiation and the Early Years (EYFS) planning is aligned to the National Early Years Framework (England).

Jigsaw’s Units of Work (Puzzles) are:

Being Me in My World
1. Being Me in My World
Includes understanding my place in the class, school and global community as well as devising Learning Charters.
Celebrating Difference
2. Celebrating Difference
Includes anti-bullying (cyber and homophobic bullying included) and diversity work.
Dreams and Goals
3. Dreams and Goals
Includes goal-setting, aspirations for yourself and the world and working together.
Healthy Me
4. Healthy Me
Includes drugs and alcohol education, self-esteem and confidence as well as healthy lifestyle choices.
5. Relationships
Includes understanding friendship, family and other relationships, conflict resolution and communication skills.
Changing Me
6. Changing Me
This puzzle includes sex and relationships education in the context of coping positively with change. (includes age-appropriate sex education)
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Pricing Information for Jigsaw 3-11

Primary Jigsaw PSHE - BUY NOW and get lifetime electronic updates plus online mentor support

Nursery (Ages 3-4) F1 Set

from £ 300

+ Carriage & VAT
Jigsaw PSHE for ages 3-4

  • Electronic teaching materials for nursery (ages 3-4)
  • Jigsaw Jenie Friend (shown)
  • Jigsaw Chime
  • E-Resources and music
  • Hardcopy option available

Single Year

from £ 300

+ Carriage & VAT
Jigsaw PSHE for ages 9-10

  • Electronic teaching materials for selected year group
  • Jigsaw Friend (Year 5 shown)
  • Jigsaw Chime
  • E-Resources and music
  • Hardcopy option available

Whole School Set Best Option

from £ 1925

+ Carriage & VAT
Jigsaw PSHE for the whole primary school

  • 7 x Electronic teaching materials (Ages 4-11)
  • 7 x Jigsaw Friends (shown)
  • 7 x Jigsaw Chimes
  • E-Resources and music
  • Hardcopy option available

Jigsaw REST

£ 100

Jigsaw Resilience and Engagement Scale and Toolkit

  • Resilience screening tool with suggested interventions
  • Staff and Parent training materials
  • Assemblies
  • Use with/without Jigsaw PSHE

If you have more than one class per year group, we recommend each class has its own Jigsaw Friend, Jerrie Cat and Chime. Hardcopy folders are available as an additional purchase. You can order any extras you need from our online shop

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To find out about all the different sets and options available and how Jigsaw can best fit into your school,

contact our friendly team on +441202377193

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We may also be able to put you in touch with one of our flagship schools who would be glad to show you how Jigsaw PSHE performs and the benefits it has given their children.

You may also contact our friendly team via emailing, or by calling our office on +441202377193.