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These sessions are designed to equip you with:

  • ALL YOU NEED TO FULFIL THE STATUTORY RSE (Statutory from Sept 2019)
  • Up to date knowledge of the legal requirements for RSE
  • Understanding of how to deliver RSE in an age/stage appropriate way and why it is so vital for children
  • Familiarity with and confidence in the Jigsaw 'Changing Me' materials
  • Confidence in answering tricky or sensitive questions
  • Consideration of school policy and sample policy to take away
  • Opportunity to work as a school group (teachers, SLT, governors etc.) to consider RSE in your context
  • Training and information materials for colleagues, governors and parents/carers.

We schedule training sessions ahead of time for when you would normally teach the associated subject or Jigsaw Puzzle so that you can deliver these lessons with greater confidence. Therefore, training dates may not be listed all the time. We will instead list sessions here as soon as they become available for you to book.

Please note that events in nearby areas may additionally be displayed, in case you are unable to attend an event closest to you.

Important Note: additional resources, book bags and other merchandise items shown in this shop are only available for you to buy if you have already purchased the matching Jigsaw PSHE Sets for your school, academy or organisation, and are intended to expand or augment your current Jigsaw PSHE materials and resources and also to replace the same.

All prices are exclusive of UK VAT unless specified otherwise. This will be calculated at the prevailing rate and displayed for you to clearly see during the checkout process.

*We do not sell to members of the public unless explicitly stated. Orders placed by individuals or organisations where we are unable to confirm your status as a recognised educational body, will be disregarded and any payment made will be refunded thereafter.




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