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Jigsaw Resilience and Engagement Scale and Toolkit (R.E.S.T.) for schools already using Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE

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The Resilience and Engagement Scale and Toolkit (for ages 4-12 years):-

  • 2 staff training sessions with PowerPoint® presentations and trainer notes
  • Parent/carer information/engagement session (letter and handout templates provided)
  • 2 assemblies (KS1 and KS2) to explain ‘resilience’ to children
  • 1 Hardcopy folder/manual
  • 1 USB memory stick with R.E.S.T. electronic materials

This shop item is for schools already using Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE. If you are not, then click here to switch product.

R.E.S.T. was originally designed and developed by Headteacher, Malcolm McKinlay, for the pupils in his London school, and now in partnership with Jigsaw PSHE, we have identified Jigsaw PSHE-specific interventions to further develop each of Malcolm’s 10 steps to resilience.

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Notes: schools incorrectly declaring they are currently using Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE will have their order cancelled and referred to the correct product for non-Jigsaw schools.
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