Jigsaw The Movie is the culmination of a term’s work by a group of year 6 children at St John’s CE Primary School in Weymouth in the UK.

This unique film demonstrates how Jigsaw PSHE helps children to build empathy and emotional literacy using their own documentary intercut with drama, created and filmed entirely by the children.

We’ve dimmed the lights and invite you to join us here in our movie theatre. Click the play button on our movie screen to start the film. When you have finished, please scroll down to learn how the movie was made, see behind the scenes footage, hear the Musicians’ story, hear what the teachers say about Jigsaw, and view the Photo Gallery.

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Jigsaw Movie Theatre

How the movie was made

How ‘Jigsaw The Movie’ came into being

We commissioned Dorset production company, ScreenPLAY, to help the children of a local school, St John’s CE Primary in Weymouth, to create their own movie to show how the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of work can help children cultivate a wider social awareness and empathy, by telling the story from their own viewpoint.

The children learned how to animate, direct, storyboard the action, and use the necessary technical equipment, in addition to improvisation and drama techniques to compose their own story.  They then filmed, photographed, and audio-recorded the whole school in a very sensitive way.

Alastair Nisbet from ScreenPLAY said, “Over the course of the term, the group grew into a strong unit, who could set up a scene and then film and audio record it like professionals.”

Behind the Scenes

The children began each film-workshop day using Jigsaw PSHE techniques, making use of the Jigsaw chime for a period of deep breathing, relaxation mindful meditation to slow them down, centre themselves and set the right frame of mind for the day’s tasks. In this short film, the children talk about their experience with Filmmaker and Dramatherapist, Sharon Hayden from ScreenPLAY.

Co-director Jed, aged 11 explains “It’s a drama documentary with Jigsaw cartoons linking the scenes. We wrote a script for the drama and drew storyboards – then acted them out to develop the lines, before filming them.” 

The Musicians’ Story

The accompanying soundtrack and sound effects were all created by young musicians across the whole school using various methods and equipment under the professional guidance and humour of music producer, Mickey Wills.

Obviously, it wasn’t any fun at all! See what you think… play the video above made by the St John’s filmmakers!

The Teachers’ Perspective

You can see the teachers from St John’s CE Primary School in Weymouth in conversation with Sharon Hayden from Screenplay, discussing their experience teaching the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of work to their children.

Jigsaw PSHE logo

Photo Gallery

Jigsaw The Movie was revealed for the first time at a grand red carpet event at St John’s School before an audience of delighted parents, teachers and representatives from Jigsaw PSHE, including Jan Lever®, Director and Creator of Jigsaw PSHE.

We were greeted in style at the door by a line of children assembled as a celebrity security detail and press photographers, offered refreshments and then led through into the hall for the premier. The Oscar, of course, went to the children of St. John’s Church of England Primary School!

The evening event was very well-planned, we had great fun and we offer our sincere gratitude to everyone involved. Well done!

The Jigsaw Oscar Hopefuls
Jan Lever® and Alison Harris
St John's Film Crew at the school
Year 5 Musicians Recording session
St John's Animating
St John's Voiceover Recording the film
Thank You to the children

We are entirely impressed, by not only what the young filmmakers managed to achieve, but the mindful and constructive way that they approached the project. Everyone at Jigsaw feels very privileged to be part of their success and we thank all the children involved, the staff at St. John’s and the producers at ScreenPLAY.

Film workshops with the makers of Jigsaw the Movie

Would you like the team who produced Jigsaw the Movie to work with pupils in your school ? 

Dorset-based ScreenPLAY bring a unique ‘dramatherapy approach’ to film and animation workshops. Working with young people aged 6-16, they put the participants at the heart of the creative process.

For details of what they can offer your school click the ScreenPLAY logo below and then the ‘Contact us’ link on the bottom of their page.


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