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Success Story from Kingsleigh Primary School in Dorset

Significant success with PSHE Curriculum Development and General Ethos with Jigsaw having positive impact on children and assemblies

Kingsleigh Celebration Assembly

Jigsaw has been so successful and this is reflected in the positive attitudes of our children, both towards their own health and well-being and also in the way they include and respect each other. We truly have wonderful children!

One great success of Jigsaw is how we celebrate it throughout the school. At the end of each unit, we hold Jigsaw celebration assemblies.

One year-group from each key stage share their learning outcomes, demonstrating the development in learning throughout the school and celebrating their learning. ‘Celebrate’ is a word often heard in our assemblies!

Kingsleigh children with certificatesTwo children in each class who have been noticed for excellent participation and thoughtfulness in their Jigsaw learning receive a certificate.

We have also embedded a variety of pop songs into our Jigsaw celebrations, which link to the teachings and ethos of each unit. They are thoroughly enjoyed by both children and staff.

Impact of Jigsaw

The children in our school are excited to join in with their Jigsaw learning and retain what they have learned. Videos are made and shared each assembly and children throughout the school participate in them and share their learning. It is very clear that we are a Jigsaw school, we are proud to be a Jigsaw school and we have positive attitudes towards ourselves and others through this.

Children not only enjoy singing the songs, they understand the meaning of the lyrics and sing with pride and understanding. It is truly a time for positivity and celebration.


Kingsleigh Jigsaw Champion

Jigsaw Champion: Charlotte Pollard

Looking forward

Our children have developed such positive attitudes towards Jigsaw and how each unit helps them develop that it would be wonderful to have Jigsaw ambassadors. These children could explain to visitors why Jigsaw is important to them and what they have learned through it.

Headteacher: RICHARD GOWER
Kingsleigh Primary School, Dorset.

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Kingsleigh is an Academy with over 600 pupils.

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