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Jigsaw PSHE for Early Years, Nurseries and Pre-schools (Ages 3-4) integrates emotional literacy, self-regulation of behaviour, social skills and spiritual development in an input-per-week programme and includes teaching resources including songs and images.

Sessions are structured to include a short input using a variety of learning approaches, appropriate for young pre-schoolers, with a selection of activities which can be accommodated throughout the week to support the learning.

Jigsaw PSHE for Early Years includes mapping to Development Matters and the Early Learning Goals and identifies the Characteristics of Effective Learning for every session.

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Jigsaw PSHE for Early Years (Ages 3-4)

Jigsaw PSHE for Early Years contributes to:-

  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Understanding the World

and includes:-

  • Cross-curricular links to other areas of the Early Learning Goals identified in every session
  • Characteristics of Effective Learning identified in every session
  • ‘Calm Me’ scripts to nurture mindfulness through quiet reflection using the Jigsaw Chime
  • Child-initiated activities
  • Home learning/family links
  • Adult-led/directed activities
  • Display ideas
  • Outside learning activities
  • Jigsaw ‘Jenie’ Friend used for both F1 and F2 to support the transition to School/Reception
  • British values
  • Spiritual Development
  • Original songs with music

Jigsaw for ages 3-4 PSHE set for Nurseries And Preschools

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What Early Years settings are saying

Actual quotes from people already using the scheme

Breda International School (Netherlands)

Jigsaw Jenie can often be found in the book corner listening to a story being read to her by a child. Jigsaw has helped develop language and vocabulary skills enabling children to better express themselves. The children look forward to the sessions and run to get Jenie from the book corner to start. The Calm Me Time is a particular favourite.

The children now use Jigsaw language in daily play and this has helped strengthen their relationships, self-awareness, self-confidence and develop skills in managing their own feelings and behaviour, making them more mindful of the feelings of their peers.

We are currently focusing on developing health and fitness and Jigsaw is proving to be a great tool for supporting this.

Quotes from Children (aged 3-5)

“We can talk to Jenie and cuddle him/her”

“I like using Jigsaw Jenie”

“I like doing the chime and when we breathe rainbow breath”

Parkgate House School
(Independent School)

The children love Jigsaw Jenie, who has become a new class member and helps children to talk about their problems, behaviour and emotions in the third person.

The children really enjoyed the songs and the Calm Me time with the chime.

Cardiff Cathedral School
(Independent School)

Jigsaw is a very prominent part of our classroom, with the children often referring to the activities they have undertaken. These activities can permeate the whole curriculum and support each area of learning.

“The children have been able to use Jigsaw Jenie in all areas of EYFS learning”

Mrs Sherwood – Head Teacher.

Canford Heath
Children’s Centre

Practitioners found the children seemed calmer using the chime and were interested and engaged better sitting in a group. They like Jigsaw Jenie and this helped with learning about sharing, as they passed it around. Jenie also seemed to focus them better.

Parents were interested to hear about mindfulness and how they could benefit from learning skills to help them relax. They were keen to chat as a group and talk about themselves and what skills could be shared for them to use. They were all aware of the term ‘wellbeing’ and wanted to learn more.

The Gateway School
(Independent School)

The breadth of Jigsaw enables us to explore many different areas through lessons assemblies and the schools mentoring process. For instance, the Celebrating Difference unit allows the school to encompass a more national and international perspective.

We also provide yearly Sex and Relationship Education training to our parents delivered by Jigsaw staff. We believe strongly in working in partnership with our parents on this matter. To do this, parents need to view the lesson resources and animations in order to support the delivery of key messages so that our pupils obtain knowledge and understanding around relationships.

“We believe that the use of Jigsaw assists us in maintaining outstanding pastoral care for our pupils”

Quote – Adam Atkinson Head of Pastoral Care

Photo Gallery

parkgate school pupils
children cutting up fruit
Early Years children making a 'Friendship Cake'
Early Years children with Jigsaw Jenie
Early Years children jumping
parkgate pupils and teacher
Early Years children in a Calm Me Time
Breda Int School

Featured Success Stories

A selection of settings having particular success with Jigsaw for Early Years (Ages 3-4)
International School Breda School
Cathedral School Cardiff
Parkgate House school sign
Sixpenny Handley school sign

Click an image above to read the full story. You may also wish to visit the Jigsaw Success Story page for a complete grid of success stories from the wider Jigsaw Community, where you may select specific Jigsaw Puzzles and alternative categories.

Supporting Information

Jigsaw PSHE is an original, comprehensive Scheme of Learning for Years F1 to Year 11 (Ages 3-16), underpinned by a mindful approach which supports children in identifying their thoughts and feelings and thus regulate their emotions and choose their behaviours.

Jigsaw and Ofsted EYFS

Ofsted EYFS Mapping Sample


Does Jigsaw Work?


Independent Summary Report



The Jigsaw Approach for Early Years

Jigsaw Approach to PSHE for Early Years


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Pricing Information

Jigsaw PSHE for your Early Years Setting, Nursery or Pre-school

Early Years Ages 3-4 Set for Nursery & Pre-school (F1)

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Jigsaw for ages 3-4

  • Electronic Materials Download
  • Jigsaw Jenie (Friend)
  • Jigsaw Jerrie Cat (Friend)
  • Jigsaw Chime
  • Hardcopy version optional
    at additional cost

Jigsaw Jerrie Cat

£ 20

Upgrading to 2nd edition?
Jigsaw Jerrie Cat for 2nd Edition

  • Jigsaw Jerrie Cat (Friend)
  • for Schools upgrading
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Jigsaw Nurseries & Pre-schools Training


Depending on your setting's
unique requirements

  • Bespoke on-site training to
    your school or setting

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