The Jigsaw Big Sing

brought to you by Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE, and the Jigsaw Families Programme

Welcome to the Jigsaw Big Sing

Thank you to all of you who joined in with The Jigsaw Big Sing – it was so wonderful to see so many families singing ‘Together as One’.

The Final Cut:

Play the music video here, then work your way through the learning activities below if you have not done them yet. We’ll be leaving these available until we are all back at school.

Year 4 Jigsaw JazActivities to do at home 


Learn and Sing the Song

Open the Words PDF
  • Use the MP3 recording as well as the words (above) of the ‘Together as One’ song
  • Listen to the Swingate Primary School Choir singing the song.
  • Sing with them a few times and learn the song


Words with meaning

What is the most important message of this song?

Find 3 key words in the lyrics that tell you what the song is trying to tell people?



Choose the word you think is the most important in the song

Design a way to write that word in the centre of your paper (or your screen if you are working on a computer or device)

Illustrate the word to show what it means to you at the moment, relevant to the Coronavirus situation

e.g. Respect… NHS, doctors, nurses

e.g. Together…having family to look after you, friends to talk with online, everyone in the country working together to stay safe


Calm Me Time

“Hi, I’m Jigsaw Jonty. If you do Jigsaw at your school, explain to your family what Calm me Time is when you do it at school in Jigsaw lessons.”

“Invite your family to sit with you, somewhere quiet, to enjoy the following Calm Me Time together and I’ll be there and join in with my family too! (play the video file below).”

Afterward, talk together about how it felt to do ‘Calm Me Time’ together at home (instead of at school).

If you did this more often, how could this help everyone at home?


Worry Jar

Find a jar, box or container of some sort (or make one from e.g. lego/ cardboard).

Cut up some pieces of paper small enough to fit into your container…these are ‘Worry Cards’.

While you are relaxed and calm after Calm Me Time, if you have any worries about being in this situation, staying home from school, being at school without some of your friends etc, draw or write each worry on a Worry Card and put them into your Worry Jar (or container).

With your trusted adult, pick out one Worry Card and talk together about ways to help this worry feel better, to lessen the worry. How can you help each other feel less worried? How can being TOGETHER AS ONE with your family/school community help you?

Listen to the song, ‘Together as One’ and see if it helps you to feel less worried. If you sing it really loud with the people in your home/school with you, do you feel closer to them?

What do you think is helping; singing, the words of the song or being with someone?


Jigsaw Big Sing preview image…and finally

Discuss how the people with you at home/school could join you in the Jigsaw Big Sing.

Invent a dance routine/performance… sing, use instruments (maybe home-made ones).

Send your message to the world #JigsawBigSing

Jigsaw Big Sing preview imageThat’s all for now!

Be well, stay safe, we are ‘Together as One’

Why not tell your extended family and friends about this so they can join in too!