by Alison Harris, 14 November, 2016

Many of our international schools, and some of those in the UK, are following the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). To support these schools in integrating Jigsaw PSHE into their wider curriculum and thus support both programmes in becoming embedded in the whole school ethos, we have mapped the IPC personal goals to Jigsaw Puzzles. Whether your school focuses on several IPC goals at once, or selects one or two to focus on per term, this mapping document will support you in understanding which are most readily matched to each Jigsaw Puzzle.

Bunch of Jiggies

The 8 IPC Personal Goals are:

  1. Enquiry
  2. Resilience
  3. Morality
  4. Communication
  5. Thoughtfulness
  6. Co-operation
  7. Respect
  8. Adaptability


Parts of the Jigsaw Lesson

Some of these goals are integral and both implicit and explicit within every single Jigsaw lesson. For example, the Jigsaw Charter, which should be revisited at the start of every lesson, encourages children to respect each other’s answers and be thoughtful in the way they communicate with each other throughout the lesson. In the social games played within the ‘Connect Us’ section in every lesson, children learn both communication and co-operation. They may also be considering other issues as part of the content of this activity.

The ‘Calm Me’ period of the lesson, where the children experience discrete mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises, awareness and visualisations, encourages thoughtfulness as they learn to become fully aware of the moment without judging their thoughts or feelings. This teaches them resilience as they cope with their feelings and learn to make calmer decisions about their actions.

International Primary Curriculum and Jigsaw PSHE map 1

Jigsaw Puzzles as a whole

As stated above, due to the nature of Jigsaw, International Primary Curriculum Personal Goals could be identified to some extent in every topic area and every lesson. The grid below demonstrates where the Goals are addressed more specifically as learning content.

International Primary Curriculum and Jigsaw PSHE map 2

To complement this, the Jigsaw assemblies and songs will also further embed the learning and equally can be easily linked to the goals identified above. As is evident, schools can choose any number of the goals on which to focus during a term or half term, safe in the knowledge that the Jigsaw content will confidently support them in providing opportunities for children to demonstrate these characteristics.

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