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House of Commons Votes for Statutory RSE – The ‘Ayes’ have it!

The House of Commons voted on the updated RSE guidance and regulations and the results were announced in the Commons on Wednesday evening, 27th March 2019 with the result as follows:

  • 538 ‘AYES’ (yes) and 21 ‘NOES’  (no) (MPs across the UK) – that’s 96% in favour
  • 482 ‘AYES’ (yes) and 14 ‘NOES’ (no) (MPs representing constituencies in England) – that’s 97% in favour

You can see the moment the Speaker announced the results of the vote…

Clip courtesy of Parliament Live TV © Parliamentary Copyright
Used with permission under the Open Parliament Licence

Jan Lever, the CEO and Creator of Jigsaw PSHE responded, “Thank you, Secretary of State, RSE and Health Education statutory at last …well, almost! Indeed, we look forward to reciprocal support from the House of Lords shortly. Jigsaw PSHE applauds you for taking RSE/PSHE seriously and for understanding how vitally important this learning is for our children and young people, their learning, health, happiness, safety and life-chances. These are exciting times for these refreshed subjects.”

Jigsaw PSHE offers valuable knowledge, experience and resources to schools, the DfE and other education partners to support schools, provide them with training and to make this learning dynamic, real and relevant for today’s students.

See more about the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of learning at

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