by Web Manager, 23 May, 2016

Success Story with Cople Lower School

Significant Success with General Ethos and Mindfulness

Here at Cople Lower School, the children have really responded to the ethos of the lessons, promoted by the effective us of the Calm Me Script and the use of the chime.

Impact of Jigsaw

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This has enabled the children to be ready to learn, to share and discuss ideas. Children’s comments include: ‘The class feels peaceful’, I feel safe and positive’, ‘We feel focussed and ready to learn’ ‘Energised’

Looking forward

I would like to see this approach used more across the whole curriculum, so that the children know how to transfer these skills and develop their own mindfulness in a variety of situations. Currently, the lessons are taught by one member of staff and I would like to see all staff get on board with the approach.

Elaine Sawford-Smith – Jigsaw Champion

Helen Johnson – Headteacher

Cople Lower School, Bedford.

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