Circle from a Square Music Video

Circle from a Square was written specifically for Jigsaw PSHE by Nolan Wiltz and Mark Robinson, songwriters from Suffolk, England.  Children from St Andrew’s Primary School transformed it into a fun and exciting music video and have made it the new Jigsaw Theme Song.

The video demonstrates how Jigsaw PSHE can help children to build empathy, and work and collaborate as a team to accomplish a common dream or goal.  The children worked with the Screenplay team to devise dance and movement to illustrate the lyrics and really brought this to life with their use of animation techniques, freshly learned for this project.

We’ve dimmed the lights and invite you to join us here in our movie theatre. Click the play button on our movie screen to start the film. When you have finished, please scroll down to learn how the movie was made and catch a glimpse from behind the scenes.

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Jigsaw Movie Theatre

Message from Jan Lever

Jigsaw PSHE is so proud of the children from St Andrew’s CE VA Primary School who worked with Screenplay film-makers to master skills in animation, and then added dance and singing to bring to life the new Jigsaw theme song: Circle from a Square (written by Nolan Wiltz and Mark Robinson).

The song celebrates diversity and acceptance of difference, celebrating every child’s uniqueness….exactly what Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE is designed to do.

Thank you to everyone involved in the project!

Jan Lever
Creator and Director: Jigsaw PSHE

Behind the Scenes

The children learned a variety of specific filmmaking techniques including making animated self-portraits, incorporating song, dance and movement, and composing it into the finished result with guidance and help from local filmmakers ScreenPlay; Sharon Hayden, Alastair Nisbet, Celeste Hayden and Mickey Wills.

The children then presented the finished music video to parents and carers at a special evening ceremony, and awards were presented to those children who had made a particularly remarkable contribution.

Producing the Soundtrack

This particular musical arrangement was produced by Mickey Wills, with lead vocal, trumpet and saxophone performances by Lilly, Sean and Milo.

St Andrew’s Singing Club provided the chorus, under the musical direction of vocal coach, Beth Goudie with producer Mickey Wills.

Get it on iTunesSpecial thanks to the Head and all teachers involved.

The song is currently available to download as a podcast from iTunes. Just click the button here.

Film workshops with the makers of Jigsaw the Movie

Would you like the team who produced Jigsaw the Movie to work with pupils in your school ? 

Dorset-based ScreenPLAY bring a unique ‘dramatherapy approach’ to film and animation workshops. Working with young people aged 6-16, they put the participants at the heart of the creative process.

For details of what they can offer your school click the ScreenPLAY logo below and then the ‘Contact us’ link on the bottom of their page.


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