by Web Manager, 21 January, 2016


The Sex Education Forum have just released a new report which shows that young people’s safety may be at risk due to gaps in sex and relationships education (SRE).

In summary:

From a survey of over 2,000 young people aged 11-25:

  • 53% did not learn how to recognise grooming for sexual exploitation
  • More than 40% had not learned about healthy or abusive relationships
  • A third (34%) of young people said they learnt nothing about sexual consent at school
  • Only a quarter (24%) of young people said they learnt about FGM, but the figure increased to 40% amongst 11-13 year-olds, suggesting things are starting to change.
  • Half of those surveyed had not learnt from their primary school about how to get help if you experience unwanted touching or sexual abuse.
  • 16% had not learnt the correct names for genitalia and 17% had not learnt that the genitals are private to you, all key to recognising and reporting abuse.
  • Young people were more likely to have learnt about the difference between safe and unwanted touch from discussions at home than at school
  • Less than half of young people (45%) said they had learnt about this with a parent or carer. 

Overall, despite signs that SRE is slowly improving, just 10% of those surveyed said the SRE they received was ‘very good’, and nearly a third (22%) said it was ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’, indicating that young people themselves are dissatisfied. The Sex Education Forum is calling for mandatory status for SRE in all schools.

The TES has covered the story this morning and the Sex Education Forum would like your support via twitter. They are using the hashtag #HeadsOrTails and #SREitsmyright Suggested tweet: Many young people learn nothing about sexual consent, abuse, healthy relationships or FGM. #SRE is #HeadsOrTails says @sex_ed_forum

A briefing event in Parliament for MPs is being held this afternoon. Do please encourage your MP to attend with a quick email or tweet, and signpost them to the event programme here: A last minute reminder from a constituent could make all the difference!

Read the full report “Heads or Tails” here,

If you already have Jigsaw PSHE at your school and wish to be more prepared for delivering the ‘Changing Me’ puzzle, we are running a number of SRE Training sessions, based on Jigsaw, around the country through March 2016. You can see the full details in the Jigsaw Community area or contact us for details if you don’t know Year 2 Jigsaw Joyour login.

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